Pause This Presidency!

America is worthy of to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that our president is legitimate before he issues a single brand-new disruptive executive order.

Picture< img src =" "alt=""data-mediaviewer-src="" data-mediaviewer-caption =""data-mediaviewer-credit="" itemprop =" url "itemid=""> America should have to know that he is legitimate

prior to he pursues a program to dismantle Obamacare.America deserves to understand that he is legitimate before he presses through a budget that obscenely broadens military spending while making dramatic cuts in other areas.America should have to

understand that he is legitimate before the Senate moves forward with verification hearings for his Supreme Court nominee. Republicans pitched a fit when President Obama

nominated Merrick Garland to fill the seat made open by the death of Antonin Scalia, incorrectly arguing that a president needs to not be permitted to fill a job during the in 2015 of his term. Well, it is not clear to me that this will not be the in 2015 of Donald Trump’s term, ought to these investigations reveal something unfortunate between his program and Russia. We have understood

for some time that the Russians interfered in our election in an effort to prefer Trump. Exactly what we are discovering in recent weeks are the variety of Trump consultants and administrative authorities who had contact with the Russian ambassador before the election, the frequency of those contacts, and the efforts, at least by some, to hide those contacts.

We now know, according to reporting by The Washington Post, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions likewise fulfilled at least two times with the ambassador throughout the campaign– as soon as at the Republican politician National Convention– and after that lied about those contacts under oath during his confirmation hearings.Then this weekend in

a series of tweets Trump made a scandalous and totally dubious allegation that President Obama had”my’wires tapped’in Trump Tower “in October of 2016. He stated of his baseless charge,” This is McCarthyism! “and” This is Nixon/Watergate” and called Obama a”Bad(or sick)person! “This is definitely outrageous. One of three things holds true here: Obama, during the subsiding months of an eight-year term without individual scandal, chose to maliciously and unlawfully tap the phones of the prospect all the surveys at the time forecasted would lose; a police was able to present proof and persuade a federal judge that somebody or some group of people in Trump Tower were participated in illegal activity; or this”president,”who has actually proven himself a pathological liar, is when again chasing conspiratorial windmills and seeking to detract and deflect from legitimate scandal. Any of these circumstances has the profoundest of repercussions. There is a helluva great deal of smoke here for there to be no fire. Maybe all these contacts with the Russians have some benign and believable explanation that escapes me at the minute. Maybe this is just the culmination of a remarkable series of coincidences. Maybe. I really hope that holds true. The alternative description is nearly abstruse in its capability to hurt our democracy.Whatever the case, we need responses prior to we just pretend that there is some sort of political inertia pulling us forward and that the Trump agenda is an inescapable repercussion of a suspect election. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey launched last month found that a majority of Americans think”Congress must examine whether Donald Trump’s presidential project had contact with the Russian federal government in 2016.”That’s important, but insufficient.

Until that investigation is completed, that very same majority of Americans need to put chosen authorities on notice that there will be a price to pay if they help and abet Trump’s program prior to the reality is known.We must all demand without equivocation: Pause this presidency

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