Mistaking them for Muslims, Florida man tries to set ablaze store owned by Indian-Americans : World, News

The incidents of hate criminal activity have been showing a hazardous growth in the United States with another attack on a convenience store owned by Indian-Americans. A guy in Florida tried to set the shop on fire presuming it was owned by ‘Muslims’.

A 64-year-old male aimed to set the shop on fire due to the fact that he thought the owners were Muslim, St Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said, reports CNN.The accused Richard Lloyd confessed that he desired to run the Arabs from the United States so he pressed a dumpster in front of the Port St Lucie shop and set the contents on fire.CHARGED WITH FIRST-DEGREE ARSON Lloyd has been accuseded of first-degree arson and booked into the St Lucie County Jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond. He informed investigators he presumed the shopkeeper was Muslim makinged him livid since of”what they are doing in the Middle East,”Mascara said. “It’s regrettable that Lloyd made the assumption that the shopkeeper were Arabic when, in reality, they are of Indian descent,”Mascara said.The sheriff kept in mind that Lloyd’s mental health will be assessed and the state lawyer’s workplace will choose if this was a hate crime.’ DOING MY PART FOR AMERICA’Lloyd informed detectives he prepared to burn the building since he” was doing his part for America.”According to Mascara, when deputies

showed up on Friday early morning and saw the store on fire, a guy in front of the shop put his hands behind his back and told officers to “take me away.”The string of attacks on Indians started with the killing of an Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas. It too was a supposed hate criminal activity, as the shooter shot him dead thinking he was an’ Iranian ‘.