Google To Focus Hangouts More On Its Business Users

be going anywhere. The company mentioned that they will be continuing to invest in the platform, and recently in an interview with Engadget, Google’s VP of communications items Nick Fox shed some more light on the future of Hangouts.According to Fox, he stated that Hangouts will now be aimed more to Google’s business users, while apps like Duo and Allo are anticipated to be the business’s consumer-focused apps. Fox declares that this is due to the fact that Hangouts is deeply integrated with Google’s other items, like the Apps suite, along with having different collective functions. “Since Hangouts is constructed on a Google account, since it’s deeply integrated with Google apps, the Apps suite [things like Drive, Docs, and so on.], Gmail, Calendar and so on, it’s seen far more success in the business. It will increasingly focus on that type of group collaboration enterprise efficiency space.”Hangouts will continue to exist moving on, and if you’re not a service user there’s no reason that you cannot keep using the app, however as far as going mobile is worried, it would seem that Google is hoping Allo and Duo will look after those needs for you.