Azusa school district approves teacher layoffs after superintendent gets raise

District authorities in Azusa on Saturday enacted favor of layoffs at an unique school board meeting and regional moms and dads and teachers were in an uproar.It was a capacity at the meeting involving the Azusa Unified School District. At concern: job cuts in the district to assist balance the budget plan.

House economics instructor Angel Clenney was on a list of 14 positions to be removed.

“There are over 1,000 signatures of teachers, parents, students and neighborhood members worried with this concern of this cut gathered in one day,” Clenney told the board.Her students, along with moms and dads and other professors, made their case for keeping music and house economics instructors from losing their jobs.”If you take the time to go

around these class, you’ll see the effort that the students put into developing the clothing they make,” shared Fate Reese, a student at Azusa High School. Last month, the superintendent received an 8 percent raise that was authorized in 2015, the district stated, before the governor’s budget plan releaseded less cash for school. Lots of parents said they feel that’s not money well spent. “Let’s put our finest foot forward and go back and create a various plan that does not punish our trainees and teachers since you have actually over invested your methods,”Ron Tressel, a special education teacher.The board voted to spare Clenney and another home economics instructor, however it got rid of 12 other positions in music, math, English, special education, technology, and 2 assistant principals.A district representative stated the governor’s spending plan proposition provided unforeseen obstacles, however effort was made to make cuts as far from personnel and trainees in the class.(Copyright © 2017 KABC-TV. All Rights Reserved.)