The 5 state Assembly elections are more proof of the excellent Indian divide. India is today split into 2 sharp camps: Pro-Narendra Modi and anti-Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people during his road show in Varanasi. PTI

< img src="" alt=" Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people during his road program in Varanasi. PTI

” width= “380” height=” 285 “> Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people throughout his roadway show in Varanasi. PTI As much as his magic did not work in his deal with the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab (and as we can see Goa and Punjab are a bit iffy), as far as the cherry was worried in Uttar Pradesh, Modi is the star. He swamped the state with his juggernaut. The reality is he has actually emphasised his singular position as a national leader and if one adds the displaying in Uttarakhand– which was likewise a romp for the BJP– it has actually to be accepted that the Modi factor is well, alive and lovely nationwide in texture.The nation still enjoys him, finds him trustworthy and worthy of following. It likewise strengthens his hand for the Delhi civic elections and puts the AAP on the backfoot. The Arvind Kejriwal bandwagon has actually lost its wheels and is most likely the most depressed entity after these results.Personality politics

are now main to Indian state elections which really need to not come as a surprise since this aspect is not brand-new. The celebration cadres are secondary to Modi, Captain Amarinder Singh, the Yadavs, Navjot Singh Sidhu as well as Rahul Gandhi, who is being trolled for the loss of face in Uttar Pradesh, however any call for his removal as the Congress leader will be muted now that Punjab has become the engine for the Congress revival. It has enough octane being a pivotal state and India’s bread basket to create a nationwide resurgence if it provides the wings for an ‘Udta Punjab’.

The one interesting fallout of these results is the endless controversy that will be developed about whether Rahul must remain on as Congress leader in the fight from this moment onwards. If he can be damned so out of hand for the Uttar Pradesh failure, it appears a bit unreasonable that he is denied credit in the states where the Congress revealed its nerve. While Modi might feel he has vanquished Mayawati, the Yadavs, Kejriwal and Rahul in one fell swoop, the little fly in the lotion is Punjab since the Congress hasn’t been annihilated and booted off the chessboard.If it had lost Punjab

, the party literally would have been over.Despite the white noise about Rahul and his capabilities or the absence thereof, the concern the deserters from the Congress ranks who will now reconsider crawling back is whether the dynasty is their finest adhesive and with the addition of Priyanka to the mix, is the Gandhi label still their finest bet? Even as the Congress aims to develop on its Punjab accomplishment, the BJP is now entrusted with the duty of making a success of Uttar Pradesh by method of governance and results.The state is a fractious and unstable one. With no opposition of any sort to the Modi Colossus

, the outright power it has actually won could be a detriment. If it fails to improve things by assaulting criminal offense, ending gang wars, lowering casteism and balancing the Hindu-Muslim stress factor the Modi magic will need to be more than deception. Uttar Pradesh will be impatient and expect miracles. Sometimes you have to beware exactly what you long for and landslide triumphes tagged to someone includes its own tensions.It also makes it no various from the Congress dynasty and the’ brand ‘is exactly what will be on the top of the totem pole for every state election in the future. Indira became the party; Modi ideally will be a lot more smart and avoid the same abyss of being bigger than the base.Party Lead Win L+W Total Seats: 70< a href="" alt =" election result 2017" title=" election result 2017" >

Total Results BJP 1 56 57 INC 0 11

11 OTHERS 0 2 2 BSP 0 0 0 Published Date: Mar
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12, 2017 08:34 am
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